Effective Documentation
7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Disciplining an Employee (PDF)


Tools for Effective Documentation

  1. F.O.S.A. Formula
  2. Incidents Diary


 FOSA (Facts, Objectives, Solutions, Actions)

When providing feedback relative to behavior/performance and/or documenting disciplinary problems at any step of the progressive discipline process, using the FOSA method will ensure you have been thorough and complete:


Facts: stating/documenting the facts are key

  • Cite specific behavior – what exactly did the employee do or fail to do?
  • Review the past behavior – what has the behavior been in the past?
  • Explain the effects of the behavior – how does the behavior impact the individual or the team?


Objectives: telling/reinforcing with the employee exactly what behavior is expected on the job; providing specific expectations and timeframes


Solutions: opportunities/action plan for change – this should be a joint effort between the supervisor and the employee


Actions: that you intend to take if the employee does not meet the objectives


Incidents Diary

¤   Record of key events

¤  Specific and observable behaviors

¤   Short, factual notes

¤   Notes may be kept in a calendar, notebook or file (Electronic files are strongly recommended)

¤   Notes must be kept in a secure, confidential location.