SC - Campus Enhancement


Campus Enhancement Committee
This committee shall review specific Staff suggestions and/or concerns and make recommendations for improving and preserving the University environment which may include such areas as health, safety, security, environmental issues and physical enhancements to encourage and cultivate interest in “Keeping TSU Beautiful.” .



EEO Occupational Categories Council Member
Executive/Administrative/Managerial Diane Lewis
Secretarial/Clerical Nona Honeycutt
Secretarial/Clerical Katie Johnson
Secretarial/Clerical Taiwan Johnson
Skilled Crafts/Service Maintenance Joe Merchant
Skilled Crafts/Service Maintenance Olivia Angel
Professional/Non-Faculty Lori Labrie
Professional/Non-Faculty Derek Lockett
Professional/Non-Faculty Charlotte Washington
Professional/Non-Faculty Derrick Wilson
Technical/Paraprofessional Deneen Ford
At-Large Remon Green
At-Large Minnie Wolridge