Wellness 101.

Wellness is about having a healthy lifestyle and incorporating practices that will improve and extend the quality of your life. It’s the process of taking responsibility for and being aware of the choices that you make to improve your well being.

 It’s more than a diet…

Wellness is more than what you eat. Wellness incorporates several key areas of your life in order to achieve balance (social, physical, environmental, spiritual, emotional and occupational). Each of these areas individually can impact your overall health and wellbeing, and creating a balance between them all gets you on a path to achieving optimal Wellness.

Physical: Involves having the right nutrition and diet to achieve physical fitness and strength.

Social: Involves fostering supportive
relationships with friends, family
and your community.

Environmental: involves being more
environmentally conscious and
respectful of nature.

Spiritual: involves being in harmony
with yourself and feeling a sense of
purpose and meaning in your life.

Emotional: involves being aware of
your feelings and using tools to cope
with life events.

Occupational: involves finding fulfillment in your career and feeling a sense of pride and purpose with your career.

Intellectual: involves constantly learning, developing new skills and keeping your mind sharp.

7 Key Areas of Wellness