Center on the Family

Center on the Family



The Center On the Family, established in the late 1990s, is the gateway to positive living for students and their families. This unique structure is all about family - the TSU family and the constituents it serves. The Center On The Family takes seriously the University's "special purpose designation" by providing high-quality programs and projects that support TSU’s recruitment efforts leading toward graduation. The Center focuses on: "Planting Seeds for Success and Educating for Life: Helping Families to Overcome Identified Barriers that may impede Productive Living."


Primary Purpose

  • Serve as an outreach center for the education and positive development of children, youth and families.
  • Serve as a site for the development and dissemination of instructional and self-help materials.
  • Act as a linkage/networking vehicle between the university and the community.
  • Conduct research and generate data on families and children.




 Aging & Intergenerational Resources

The program's objective is to improve the quality of life for the elderly through providing comprehensive education and training; information and referral services. The goal is to mobilize the efforts of the campus and the community in identifying and linking existing resources to form a comprehensive, intergenerational, community-based delivery system for an aging society. Texas Southern University’s Aging & Intergenerational Resources is positioned as a training ground for students aspiring to pursue careers in any aspect of gerontology.

For more information contact: Lena Bean 713 313-7635



 Ms Gill’s Story

  “I am living this moment by the Grace of God”

The statement was made by one of the most supportive members of the Aging and Intergenerational Resources program, Christine Cartwright. Ms. Cartwright was born May 20, 1913, in Huffsmith, Texas, the third child of Charlie and Vicey Cartwright. 

Ms. Cartwright’s family moved to Houston in 1928, in order to have more opportunities for the family. She attended Gregory Elementary School. During the time Ms. Cartwright attended Gregory Elementary School, all grade levels were in one class, thereby allowing Ms. Cartwright to learn upper level course material. In 1932, she graduated from Booker T. Washington High School and went straight to work. She worked for a few years as a cook, until World War II in 1941 when soldiers were needed. The Army gave Ms. Cartwright an opportunity to receive a free education if she enlisted in the army. She enlisted and learned how to drive a MD38 (supply truck). In 1945, she went to Madam CJ Walker Beauty College to become a license Cosmetologist. September 1946 she started college at Houston College for Negroes (now Jack Yates High School). The next year Texas Southern University was founded. The Fairchild building was the first building constructed at Texas Southern University. Ms. Cartwright remembers all the University's activities (school, lunch, gym, etc…) which occurred in one building, the Fairchild Building. She graduated from TSU in 1949 with a major in Business Administration and a minor in English. She was in the first graduating class of Texas Southern University. On November 18, 1951, Ms. Cartwright married Wellington Gill in Houston, Texas. While in Austin, she briefly attended Huston- Tillotson College pursuing a master’s degree in education. She decided that teaching was her passion and taught at Highland Heights Elementary (Houston Independent School District) for 27 years. Ms Gill was a dedicated volunteer at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center and was a dedicated member of her church and community. In January 2008, at the age of 94, Ms. Gill passed away quietly in her home. 
Submitted by:
Amber Long, TSU Student
Brian Moses, ExxonMobil Community Summer Intern



 Crisis Intervention Unit

Counseling activities are available for all students to assist with personal crisis which may be detrimental to successful completion of university requirements and graduation. Consultation and assessment, time limited counseling, self-help resources and appropriate referrals are available to TSU students who are in pursuit of academic and personal goals.
Individual Counseling:
  • Addressing personal or social problems that interfere with learning and/or class attendance;
  • Identifying learning strategies such as organization techniques and specific study skills; or
  • Connecting with tutoring activities, as needed.
Educational Workshops
Workshops are offered throughout the year on stress management, relationship issues, communication skills, time management, study skills, test anxiety, and other issues.
Monthly parent educational workshops are held to address various parenting issues.

For more information contact: Vickie Johnson 713 313-7798



 Open Access Computer Laboratory

The Computer Laboratory is available to both TSU students and the University's community residents. The Computer Laboratory is equipped with up-to-date desktop computers, an electric typewriter, a photocopy machine, a fax machine and an array of office equipment. 

For more information contact: Dale Booth 713 313-7390 or Demetra Minor 713 313-7870



 The Parent-Child Learning Laboratory

The Parent-Child Learning Laboratory is a four-star childcare facility that places emphasis on strengthening families' childrearing capabilities and practices through a stimulating and caring environment. The Laboratory accepts children 2 weeks to 36 months old and helps to facilitate parents' and children's learning and growing together in an enriched setting. In addition, the Lab's Counselor offers education sessions for the parents. The Learning Laboratory fulfills more than just a childcare function; it acts as an umbrella program for many Center services and programs.
Each child is introduced to an academic curriculum designed to build their cognitive skills and enhance their development. Special attention is always given to the individual circumstances, differences and needs of the children. Children are taught math and science skills, language arts, fine arts, health and safety, and environmental studies. Toddlers are given an additional benefit - their education is supplemented by computer training and introduction to Spanish. Additionally, infants and toddlers are provided balanced, nutritional meals throughout the day. The meal plan includes breakfast, lunch and nutritional snacks.
Weekly Child Care Rates
Infants - $100.45
Toddlers- $85.65
Hours of Operation
7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
For more information contact: Mary Hawkins, Co-Coordinator or Eva Wooten, Co-Coordinator 713 313-7897



Parent’s Story

“Center On the Family has a caring, loving environment. This has created a sense of nurturing for our children, which is truly essential in the growth of child development.”

-Lawrence & Angel Johnson



The W.R. Banks Child Development Laboratory provides a nurturing atmosphere for 3- and 4-year old children of students and families in the Houston metropolitan area. The Laboratory also serves as a clinical teaching and observation facility. At the Banks Laboratory, positive learning occurs by providing age appropriate teaching materials and instructional support to each child so they can develop cognitive and social skills and positive attitudes in a warm, stimulating environment. In its role as a model-teaching site, the lab accepts students enrolled in human services – related courses.

Hours of operation 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday
Interested parents are invited to visit the Banks Lab. Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday by appointment only.

For more information contact: Diann Atkinson-Bowden 713 313-7146



 Work Study Opportunities Program

The Center serves as a site for work-study students to gain employment experiences for successful entry into the world of work.
For more information contact: Demetra Minor 713 313-7870