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Blood Pressure: 

blood pressure measurement is a quick and painless procedure that gives

you a lot of useful information about the heart and the condition of the blood vessels.


Body Composition

 1. Skinfold Measurement with Calipers 

This is the most common method of body fat analysis used in the Health & Fitness Lab. It is very accurate if done by a trained individual.

IMPORTANT: We require clients to wear shorts and a t-shirt to allow access to the 6 sites of measurement located below. Clients should not work out beforehand or apply any lotions of any kind to ensure accuracy.

 Males are measured at the following six sites on the body and females are measured at five sites (excludes site 3).

*Back of the Arm (Triceps)

*Along the Shoulder Blade (Scalpula)

*Side of the Chest

*Top of the Hip Bone (Illium)

*Beside the Belly Button (Abdomen)

*Front of the Leg (Thigh)


3. OMRON Body Fat Analyzer

OMRON body fat analyzer is the hand-held device that measures your percent body fat in only a few

seconds. After inputting the data (height, weight, gender, age), a measurement will be started by simply

holding the grip electrodes and pressing the START button. Analyzer measures your body fat with a gentle,

micro electrical current (you will not feel anything!). The measurement takes about 5 minutes.


Guidelines to obtain an accurate measurement:

*Do not eat or drink within 4 hours of the measurement

*Do not exercise within 12 hours of the measurements

*Urinate prior to taking the measurement

*Abstain from alcohol consumption within 48 hours of the measurement

*Do not ingest diuretics, including caffeine, before the assessment unless they are prescribed by a


*Avoid the time of menstruation


Circumference Measures

Circumference measurement provides specific reference to the distribution of fat in the body. The pattern of body fat distribution is recognized as an important predictor of the health risks associated with obesity.


Sites for circumference measurement: 

Abdomen, Waist, Hips, Arm, Calf, Forearm, Thigh, Mid-thigh


Height and Weight

Measurement of height and body weight is a quick and simple screening that provides you with the information about your body.