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Name: Dr. Melanie Lawson
Role: Executive Director
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Role: Programs Coordinator
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The Office of Continuing Education welcomes you. We continue to offer our existing and “new” services to nontraditional, degree, and non-degree seeking students. See what we have to offer for this semester and ENROLL TODAY!


The Texas Southern University Weekend College and Division of Continuing Education was renamed, the College of Continuing Education by the Board of Regents on June 3, 1994; this marks one of the most significant changes in the unit since it was created in 1973 originally as the “Weekend College.” As of July 2012, the Office of Continuing Education has been renamed the Office of Continuing Education (OCE) and our role is to continue to provide programs and services that affirm the University's mission.

The Office of Continuing Education is Texas Southern University's administrative unit for essentially delivering non-credit courses, but we also offer courses for college credit through our Weekend College for non-traditional students seeking a degree. More specifically, our unit is designed to meet identifiable community needs in lifelong learning and professional development by providing educational opportunities for all qualifying individuals.

Our Office of Continuing Education has a long history of success that is consistent with the University’s overall strategic plan and our overall goals are:

  • To offer degree programs through the Weekend College program for students who have earned previous college credits.
  • To offer a suite of high quality continuing education programs that provides certification and licensure in high demand fields.
  • To be responsive to the needs of our community by offering enrichment and recreational programs that support principles of lifelong learning.

We continue to launch our ‘Weekend College” program every semester in response to the demand for access to college level classes by a growing number of students who already have a large number of college credits earned but, for one reason or another, are no longer in a position to attend college on a full-time basis. Many of whom have a strong desire and often also a need, to complete their degrees. A recent state-wide appeal from the Texas Coordinating Board, encouraging institutions to create pathways for degree completion noted the existence of over 3 million Texans who currently have more than 45 credits of college level learning but never completed their degrees. Our “Weekend College” program is committed to delivering courses specifically for these students to assist them with successfully earning their degrees.


Our programs are largely a response to what we believe represents what you tell us you need to advance your career or just to get on in life. We therefore offer both regular college credit courses and courses that qualify for continuing education. Our new certificate programs will offer participants learning experiences that are targeted at ensuring that they bring about meaningful career advancement or opportunities for transitioning to new and exciting careers. Our continuing education offerings provide a vehicle for members of the communities we serve to pursue their lifelong learning goals through targeted programs, seminars, workshops, conferences and special events.

Continuing Education Programs

  • Credit Courses
  • Non-Credit Courses
  • Enrichment & Recreational Classes

If you are considering applying for Financial Aid, we would advise you to start that process immediately so as to allow yourself enough time to go through the FAFSA application process and ensure completion of the process in time for your admission to be finalized ahead of the start of classes. Please work closely with us to ensure that your application is submitted correctly and so that we can track its process.

Please also consult us regarding course selection, so we can direct you to the correct office.

You will also need to complete the official TSU application process by going directly to the online application site and following these TWO steps:

To find the courses already billed for offering in the semester you are interested in, please use this link: and, from the landing page, select Online Course Finder in Banner and select the semester you are interested in plus appropriate discipline with “instructional method” online/computer.

If the listings do not offer you sufficient courses to make up a full load or to meet specific requirements you may have, please let us know, so we can advise what other options may be available to you. For your convenience, we need a copy of your most recent transcript. If you are current or former a TSU student, you can complete and fax the attached Transcript Release form so we access it in order to assist you with the development of a Degree Plan.

To find the courses already billed for offering in the semester you are interested in, please use this link and, from the landing page, select Online Course Finder in Banner and select the semester you are interested in plus appropriate discipline with “instructional method” online/computer.


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The Office of Continuing Education

College of Education Bldg - Basement Suite B03

3100 Cleburne Avenue Houston, Texas 77004

Phone (713) 313-7224


Texas Southern University reserves the right to change or cancel courses at anytime if the

predetermined minimum enrollment is not attained. Notification of changes and

cancellations will be made by email or telephone. In the event that a course for which you

have registered is cancelled, you may transfer to another course or receive a full refund.

Furthermore, a Full Refund can only be awarded if a student withdraws five business days

prior to the first class meeting date or, as previously stated, if the class is cancelled. There

are no partial refunds. Please allow up to 10-14 business days for the refund to process.