About Us

The administrative offices of the COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES at Texas Southern University are housed in the new Barbara Jordan/Mickey Leland Building located at the corner of Tierwester and Cleburne in Houston, Texas. As it offers a diversity of majors in the arts and sciences, the College has academic locations spread across various locations on the TSU campus. The College was founded in the 1940s and has successfully educated and served thousands of students over the years, many of whom have gone on to distinguish themselves locally, nationally, and globally.

The College is composed of nine academic departments, all of which serve a culturally diverse and international student population. Click on the "Academic Departments" below to view.

Through general and specialized courses and programs, the College endeavors to acquaint students with the scope, knowledge, and methods of the humanities, arts, communications, and social and behavioral sciences necessary for success and excellence in the future workplace.

The College prepares students at the pre-professional level for further study in graduate and professional schools, with academic majors, minors, interdisciplinary programs, and course sequences. Above all, it seeks to stimulate and develop intellectual curiosity, research skills, and imaginative creativity in students and in various other constituents of the University community.

The College strives to enrich the cultural atmosphere of the University by providing lectures, poetry and literary readings, discussions, concerts, theatrical productions, and art exhibits. Importantly, Students are exposed to the importance as to how education and training in the liberal arts and behavioral sciences affects them and others in the local, national, and world environment.  Click on the "Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees" below to view.

undergraduate & graduate degrees
Undergraduate Degrees  
Bachelor of Arts in English Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
Bachelor of Arts in Art Bachelor of Arts in Music
Bachelor of Arts in Theater Bachelor of Arts in History
Bachelor of Science in Human Service
and Consumer Sciences
Bachelor of Arts in General Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Social Work Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Graduate Degrees  
Master of Arts in English Master of Arts in History
Master of Science in Human Services
and Consumer Sciences
Master of Arts in Psychology
Master of Arts in Sociology  

Contact the Dean’s office in the College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences at 713-313-4287.