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To meet requirements of the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College, you must incorporate Honors College themes into four of the courses that you take in junior or senior year, that are on your program guide, and that your major requires.

The Thomas F. Freeman Honors College calls them Proposal Courses.

To understand the policies that govern these courses, hold one conversation with your Honors College advisor. To understand the incorporation of a theme in any one of your courses, hold another conversation with the instructor for the course.

In this crucial conversation, the instructor will be in the “driver’s seat.”

Then you do the following: (a) the instructor fills out the Course Proposals form, and you and the instructor sign the form; (b) you submit the form for approval by the Dean in the Honors College; (c) you take the course and do the work that incorporates the theme; and (d) you receive a grade for the course at the end of the course.

Please note that at the end of your studies at Texas Southern University you will receive Honors College certification only, among other things, if you have taken and passed these four Proposal Courses.

Make sure you hold the conversations with your Honors College advisor and with the instructor(s) for your Proposal Course(s) very early. You really should do so before the beginnings of the semesters in which you register for the Proposal Courses.

For more information, under QUICK LINKS (to the left), click on the following: Course Proposals Policy, Course Proposals Form, and/or Proposals Courses.

Here are the names and means of contact for advisors in the Honors College:

Students with "A" to "D" Last Names:
Contact Dr. Candy Ratliff, at and at 713 313 6721

Students with "E" to "I" Last Names:
Contact Dr. Gloria Batiste-Roberts, at and at 713 313 7205

Students with "J" to "R" Last Names:
Contact Dr. Dianne Jemison Pollard, at and at 713 313 6722

Students with "S" to "Z" Last Names:
Contact Dr. Hector C. Miranda, at and at 713 313 6723.

The policy of the Honors College is that you must take four Proposal Courses. See your Honors College advisor about how to meet this Honors requirement.


If you were a student in the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College in 2013-2014, you can help the College advise its students better in the future.

You can do that by participating in a survey the College is conducting.

Please answer all questions on the special questionnaire, the link to which the College is sending you via e-mail.

We especially urge you to enter your answers within one week of receiving the link.

Thank you for your participation in the survey. And, have a great summer!



The Honors College requires that current freshmen, sophomores and juniors meet their College advisors as part of their registration for courses in the summer and fall of 2014.
At these meetings, the freshmen will receive advice on the taking of Honors sections of General Education courses, and sophomores and juniors will receive advice on the taking of Proposal Courses.
These special courses are requirements the students have to meet under the Honors College curriculum THAT HAS BEEN IN FORCE SINCE THE FALL 0F 2011.
For information on their designated advisors, students should see the REMINDERS box to the left of this box. Get ready for SUMMER 2014 and FALL 2014!