Name: Dr. E. Brown-Guillory
Title: Interim Dean
Phone: 713.313.6725
Fax: 713.313.1817

Dr. Brown Guillory
Elizabeth Brown-Guillory, Ph.D.

Interim Dean of the Honors College
Associate Provost/Associate VP for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Distinguished Professor of Theatre

Dean's Welcome
Welcome to the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College at Texas Southern University. The Honors College has made a major commitment to recruiting, retaining, and graduating the most intellectually gifted students from the state, the nation, and the globe. One of the best services that we provide is intensive academic and career counseling to Honors students throughout their matriculation at Texas Southern University. Once students are admitted to the Honors College, we keep them fully engaged, nurturing them so that they are able to move smoothly and timely through their degree programs. The Honors College utilizes internationally renowned faculty to teach courses, to advise, to lead study abroad excursions, and to mentor students in Honors clubs and organization. We transform students' lives in the Honors College by providing them with world-class educational experiences brimming with enrichment.

One very important goal that I have set as dean is to raise funds for unrestricted scholarships, which means that I am actively working a plan to increase support for Honors students. The plan begins with meeting every applicant to the Honors College (either in person, by phone or Skype) to determine how best to help support the growth and development of individual students. Knowing and caring deeply about students will allow the staff of the Honors College to help secure needed resources to fund the education of our very gifted students. Once students are enrolled in their classes as new admits, I visit with each one to learn their stories. I say to them, "What have been your challenges? How can I help you?" This emphasis on reaching out to students is a driving force in the Honors College, and Honors staff meet monthly with every student in the Honors College to ensure student progression and wellbeing. We want the Honors College to be the first place to which they come—with complaints or with testimonials about the joy of belonging to a community of scholars bound for incredible success. We will not let students fall through the cracks; instead, we will help them to succeed academically, professionally, personally, and emotionally.

We invite students to seek entry into the Honors College as soon as possible, preferably by the early admissions deadline of December 1st but no later than March 1st. We expect that the competition for admission into and assistance from the Honors College will be keen. We will begin awarding scholarship after the December 1st early admissions deadline and will continue through March or until we have exhausted available funds. We strongly encourage you to complete the application (including all segments that are required) by the early deadline to increase chances of receiving a scholarship from the Honors College. For those students who apply early or at the regular deadline and are selected for admission to the Honors College, our highly committed, knowledgeable, dedicated, and energetic staff will be poised to work efficiently to prepare a worthwhile financial package to assist students. To do this, it is critical that the FAFSA is submitted at the earliest possible deadline to coordinate with the awarding of a financial package that may include an Honors scholarship, a Pell Grant, loans, work study, and other sources of funding to allow students to concentrate on achieving excellence in their studies without having to be burdened with financial worries.

We take student success seriously in the Thomas F. Freeman Honors College.