Texas Southern University assumes no responsibility for the direct care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on the University property. The University reserves the right to impound, immobilize, or tow away any vehicle which is parked in a manner dangerous to vehicular or pedestrian traffic, vehicles without an official decal, with an unauthorized or altered decal, or vehicles found to be in violation of any of the regulations herein setforth. The owner will be responsible for any costs involved in towing, immobilizing, and/or storing of such vehicle.

Texas Southern University provides parking for vehicles for the sole purpose of conducting University business. The University assumes no liability for damage or loss to/from vehicle or its contents while on University property. Parking and use of vehicles on campus without proper registration or permission from the University Police Department is in violation of the regulations, and is prohibited. Operating any vehicle in an unsafe manner is prohibited. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times.

The University reserves the right under Senate Bill 162, Article 2919-J to issue citations and file cases in the City Court or Justice of the Peace Court for the violation of any state law or University traffic regulations.

Texas Southern University Department of Public Safety (TSU/DPS) is authorized to disseminate rules and regulations for the safety and welfare of its students, employees, visitors, and property. TSU/DPS also enforces all of the general and criminal laws of the State of Texas, and such laws are declared to be in full force and effect within the areas under the jurisdiction of Texas Southern University.

It is the responsibility of all persons to comply with the rules and regulations of Texas Southern University and the laws of the State of Texas. Persons on the premises of the University may be requested to furnish proof of identity to police officers. Persons who, without lawful business, enter or remain on Texas Southern University property may be subject to arrest for Criminal Trespass, if they, after being given notice by a police officer, refuse to leave.

We encourage all students, faculty, staff and guests of the University to promptly report all criminal incidents and other emergencies to the University Department of Public Safety. To report a crime of emergency, call the Department at (713) 313-7000. For non-emergencies, individuals should dial (713) 313-7001. Individuals may also report incidents in person at the University Department of Public Safety, located on the first floor of the General Services Building.

Crime can also be reported through campus wide emergency call boxes. You can identify the stations by the pole-mounted strobe light above the red call box. Usage instructions are indicated at each station. When the box alarm is depressed, an individual can communicate directly with the communications officer at the University Department of Public Safety. The individual may then notify the officer of the emergency. The communications office will dispatch an officer or appropriate emergency team to effectively respond to the situation. There are severe penalties for tampering with a red light alarm or turning in/reporting a false alarm.

Any motor powered vehicle possessed or maintained by a student, faculty member, staff member, or visitor may not be driven or parked within the campus boundaries until it has been registered and the appropriate decal is affixed to the vehicle in the proper manner as described in this booklet or on the decal. The registered decal owner/operator is responsible for all citations against the vehicle regardless of the operator. A separate decal must be purchased for each vehicle driven or operated on the University property. Each decal must be properly displayed on the vehicle registered. No member of Texas Southern University may register a vehicle for use by any other person. Parking on premise is a University granted privilege. By registering a vehicle for campus privileges, a person agrees to abide by the parking and traffic regulations. University owned vehicles are exempted from this rule. Ignorance of the traffic and parking rules/regulations is no defense for a violation.

Access to campus buildings and grounds are a privilege extended to students, faculty, staff, and guests. The University encourages an open environment with limitations to assure adequate protection of all members of the university community. Except for residence halls, most campus facilities are normally open when classes are in session, or by special arrangements with the building coordinator, University Events Scheduling, or the Department of Public Safety.

The general public can attend cultural and recreational events on campus, with access limited to facilities in which the events are held. Authorization for use of campus grounds for assembly purposes must be obtained in advance from the University Events Scheduling Coordinator.

At night and during times when the campus is officially closed, University buildings are locked. Faculty, staff, and students with proper authorization are permitted into buildings. For your safety, DO NOT ENTER A BUILDING WITH A PERSONAL KEY. Any unauthorized person(s) (i.e. someone who did not check in at Police Department) found in a building will be escorted out. The employee must present a valid University employee ID card to the Campus Department of Public Safety. You will be required to give the building and the room number you will be working in while on campus.

All individuals requiring building entry after hours must check in at the Campus DPS office.

During the holiday periods, the Campus Police Department will control all access to buildings. Directors, Deans and Vice Presidents are encouraged to submit a written correspondence to the Chief of Police indicating any special building entry request for its employees during after-hours and the holidays. The letter must contain the employees' name, ID number, area/building to be entered, date(s), time span(s), and reason for entry. The employee(s) must report to the University Department of Public Safety first. If the employee's name does not appear on the list or an approved letter is not on file, no entry will be allowed. Students granted authorization to use any campus facility after-hours or during the holidays must obtain approval from the Director/Dean of the building desired. TSU/DPS must receive, and approve, the original authorization form or letter before building entry will be granted.

Individuals missing, or suspecting that their I.D. card or keys may have been stolen, should file a report with the University Department of Public Safety. The University will prosecute any unauthorized person who trespass or loiters on University property.