Compliance Training Management

TSU Office of Institutional Compliance 



The objective for the Compliance Training Management program is to promote compliance awareness that encourages Texas Southern employees to conduct themselves ethically in accordance with applicable state rules and regulations and University policies and procedures. Another objective is to provide adequate training options for employees to enhance their job skills. Employee Awareness and Training includes a variety of methods, materials and tools to promote compliance awareness throughout the University. Initial compliance education consists of New Employee Orientation followed by a series of general and specialized compliance trainings. The general compliance trainings are typically open to all employees while the specialized trainings are designed for employees working within a function identified as having significant risk. Additional training may be required by a select group of employees as updates occur in applicable laws, regulations, policies and/or procedures. Both internal and external sources will be utilized to facilitate training.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Compliance Training Manager are to:

  • Identify University training needs and assist individual departments to meet those needs;
  • Develop and disseminate monthly compliance training calendars;
  • Facilitate New Employee Orientation, Contract Administration, Non-bonded Notary, Fillable Forms, and Record Management Training;
  • Provide equipment to assist with training sessions (laptop, presentation advancer, projector);
  • Create and/or format PowerPoint presentations and;
  • Create and distribute standard certificates of participation upon completion of training



Course Descriptions