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Texas Southern Recreation Center encourages all members to store all belongings within our

available lockers when visiting our facility.  Our members have the option to use the lockers 

daily, or by semester.


Daily Use Lockers:


Within the Locker Rooms:

Lockers designated as daily use within both the men and women locker rooms are for one

day use and are easily verified by the fact that they do not have combinated locks

installed.  All members are required to bring their on locks which must be removed along

with all items at the end of the day. Staff have the authority to remove all  locks and

items left in daily use lockers at the end of each operating hours.  Confiscated items will 

be kept for the maximum of 30 days.  All unclaimed items will be discarded at staff

discretion.  All claims must be made in person to the shift manager on duty or facility

supervisor, Monday- Friday during regular operating hours.  All Daily Use lockers are

FREE to use to our members.


Digi-Lock operating lockers:

Digi-Lock operating lockers are another option for members to store their belongings.  

They are located outside of the basketball courts within the Rec. lobby.  Members have 

the option to select their very own personal four-digit pass code to secure their

belongings at no additional fee.  These lockers are for day use only.

-  Items left in lockers over night will be removed.  

- Patrons are responsible for memorizing their own personal codes and are encouraged

not to share.

- Staff has the authority to override any pass code only if members forget their code, or 

if suspicion of violation is presented.


Locker Rentals


Half and full size lockers with the attached combination lockers are available for rent to 

members only.  The rental terms are as followed: Fall Semester August 15th to December 

15th, Spring Semester is January 4th to May 20th, and Summer Semester is June 1st to 

August 6th.  Unless the locker is renewed by the end of the date, items must be removed 

at the end of each semester.  Failure to remove items will result in removal of contents by

the TSU Recreation staff.


Contents that have been removed from an expired locker will be stored for 30 days,

after which if unclaimed by the owner, will be discarded.  The Recreation and Wellness

Center will not be liable for these items after the one-month time period.  Participants

should not leave items in a locker without securing it.  TSU Recreation and Wellness

is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen items left unattended in the facility or in