The purpose of the IRB is to review research proposals involving human subjects and to ensure that proper precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and rights of participants. Such review is intended to emphasize the important role of ethics in conducting research as well as to protect the participants, researchers, advisers, and the university against potential risks and liabilities.

Texas Southern University's IRB Federal Wide Assurance number is FWA00003570.

Dr. Marion Smith is currently serving as the Acting Chair of the IRB.

IRB Committee members
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Affiliation Chair Member Alternate
Dr. Cary Wintz COLABS X
Dr. Marion Smith* JHJ School of Business X
Dr. Cyril Abobo COPHS X
Dr. Njekeh Caspa Community Member X
Dr. Jasmine Drake MLBJ School of Public Affairs X
Dr. Grace Loudd COLABS X
Dr. Ashraf Moazyani MLBJ School of Public Affairs X
Dr. Gautam Nayer MLBJ School of Public Affairs X
Dr. Needha Boutte-Queen COLABS X
Dr. Candy Ratliff College of Education X
Dr. Nicole Willis COLABS X