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Radiation Safety Committee

The RSC collectively assumes responsibility from the standpoint of radiological safety for the University involving radioactivity or radiation-producing devices. The Committee reviews and approves applications for Radioactive Material License (or License Renewal),and amendments to the radioactive materials license to be submitted to the Texas Bureau of Radiation Control. The committee reviews and grants permission or disapproves the use of radioactivity or radiation producing devices within Texas Southern University, the Committee reviews and prescribes special conditions, requirements and restrictions that will be necessary to protect TSU personnel and the general population from health hazards associated with radioactivity and radiation producing devices located at Texas Southern University, including but not restricted to accelerators, reactors and x-ray devices. Such condition requirements and restrictions shall be made in accordance with State, Federal and City regulations. The committee prepares and disseminates information on radiological protection and provides training for the use and guidance of staff and students, the committee reviews and approves the Radiation Safety Manual. When and where necessary the Committee has the authority to form a Radiation Subcommittee to develop and propose amendments to the Radiation Safety Manual as deemed required.

Radiation Safety Committee members
Radiation Safety Committee        
  Affiliation Chair Member Alternate
Dr. Ya-Fatou Njie-Mbye CPHS  X    
Mr. Alus Dove DEHS   X  
Dr. Mark Harvey COST   X  
Mr. Darnell Johnson, III RSO and Industrial Hygienist    
Ms. Mellany Patrong Risk Management   X  
Dr. Amruthesh Shivachar CPHS    X  
Dr. Daryl Wilkerson COSET   X