Progressive Discipline
Creating, Developing & Maintaining a HIGH PEROFRMING team

Positive Progressive Discipline is a commitment-based method of managing employees by which the manger/supervisor emphasizes building superior“performance”, rather than punitive actions to promote a more positive disciplinary discussion which results in the employee taking responsibility for his/her own behavior and providing solutions.

University Policy:

The University specifically retains the right to dismiss an employee without pursuing progressive disciplinary procedures when it is determined that the employee’s conduct or job performance warrants immediate dismissal. In addition, not every step must be taken in each case. The department head, the human resources department and legal counsel will agree on the appropriate steps based on each situation.” - Discipline & Termination Policy – MAPP 02.05.03

Benefits of Progressive Discipline:

¤    To ensure consistency with applying policies and procedures

¤   To ensure communication between manager and employee on job expectations

¤   To provide a clear & concise mechanism for performance feedback

¤   Identify performance weakness

¤   Explain how to correct performance deficiencies

¤   Document performance discussions


Progressive Discipline Model

¤  Oral Reprimand

¤   Written Reprimand

¤  Suspension without Pay

¤  Suspension with Pay (for Investigation)

¤  Transfer, Demotion and/or Salary Reduction

¤  Termination