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Staff Council By-Laws - Article I & II

Article I. NAME
 Section 1. Name of Organization
The name of this organization shall be the Texas Southern University Staff Council, hereinafter referred to as Staff Council. The people represented are eligible Staff as defined in Article III, Section 1. Eligibility, hereinafter referred to as Staff.
Section 1. Mission Statement for Staff Council
The Texas Southern University Staff Council (TSUSC) exists as a positive collective voice to foster a spirit of unity by encouraging the exchange of ideas among Staff, faculty and students in keeping with the mission of Texas Southern University. TSUSC shall serve as an advisory body which conveys information and makes recommendations to the President regarding interests and concerns of the University Staff.
The Staff Council promotes recognition of staff contributions to the mission of Texas Southern University, and recommends individuals to serve on committees where policies and procedures affecting staff will be discussed. The Staff Council will keep all staff informed and in turn keep the President advised of needs and interests of the Staff on University issues and activities. The Staff Council will always seek to promote a positive and collaborative work environment that is committed to assessing, prioritizing, and communicating Staff needs.  

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