Staff Council By Laws

 Staff Council By-Laws - Article VIII

Section 1. Membership 

With the exception of Executive Board members, all Staff Council representatives shall serve on at least one standing committee or established subcommittee within a standing committee.
  1. Each committee shall be comprised of at least five (5) members.
  2. Staff Council members may volunteer to serve on standing committees and/or sub-committees.
  3. The Executive Board shall determine the standing committee representation, first considering volunteers. Each committee will elect a chairperson.
  4. The term of a committee member shall be for the representative's term in the Staff Council.
Section 2. Removal and Reappointment
  1. A committee member missing three (3) consecutive committee meetings may be replaced at the discretion of the committee.
  2. The committee Chairperson will notify the Staff Council Chair of the vacancy, and the Executive Board will fill the vacancy.
Section 3. Meetings
  1. Each committee should meet at least three times during the period September through May. Additional meetings may be called by the Chairperson, or upon request of at least two (2) members of the committee.
  2. Meetings shall be conducted following the guidelines set forth in Article VI of the By-laws.
Section 4. Duties 

The standing committees of the Staff Council shall accept business items assigned to the committee by the Executive Board, and address the item(s) in a responsible and timely manner, and establish subcommittees to study specific issues, make recommendations and refer items as necessary.
Standing committees have the authority to request of the Executive Board the appointment of an ad hoc committee for special business under their jurisdiction. Under no circumstances shall information be disseminated from a committee which has not been authorized by a majority of the Executive Board or adopted by majority vote of the Staff Council.
The committee Chairperson will make a report to the Staff Council at each meeting; maintain and provide the Staff Council Chair and Staff Council Secretary with a written report of each committee meeting; prepare an annual report concerning the work of the committee to be submitted to the Executive Board by the last meeting of the year.

Section 5. Standing Committees 

The standing committees of the Staff Council will be the Public Relations/Communications Committee, Staff Development Committee, Administrative Issues Committee, and Campus Enhancement Committee. All committee activities and recommendations are subject to approval by the Executive Board.
  1. Public Relations/Communications Committee: This committee shall work with the appropriate University offices and/or news services to foster Staff pride and publicize Staff Council activities to the Texas Southern University community.
    1. The committee will plan and coordinate activities for Staff to meet their Staff Council representatives and learn about Staff Council activities and service opportunities. Additionally, the committee shall assist other committee and officers with visibility and publicity (i.e. flyers, announcements, newsletters, and other promotional activities).
    2. The committee shall develop and recommend internal and external communication strategies for the Staff Council; be responsible for keeping the Staff Council Website’s information current and accurate; and determine methods for communications including types, length, and frequency.
  2. Staff Development Committee:This committee shall review and recommend ways for Staff to benefit from training programs that address such issues as career and professional development, university course enrollment, continuing education, mentor/protégé programs, diversity training, basic skills development, health awareness, and recreational opportunities.
  3. Administrative Issues Committee: This committee shall address issues assigned by the University President, Staff Council Executive Board, and/or the Staff Council regarding administrative policy and procedures, Staff evaluations, staff recognition and awards, and any other topic deemed appropriate.
    1. The committee shall evaluate and make recommendations and periodic reports to the Staff Council and/or Executive Board.
    2.  The committee will prepare written digests of committee recommendations for adoption by the Staff Council.
  4. Campus Enhancement Committee: This committee shall review specific Staff suggestions and/or concerns and make recommendations for improving and preserving the University environment which may include such areas as health, safety, security, environmental issues and physical enhancements to encourage and cultivate interest in “Keeping TSU Beautiful.”
Section 6. Ad Hoc Committees

The ad hoc committees of the Staff Council shall be appointed by the Executive Board as needs arise, or as requested by a standing committee for special business under their jurisdiction, to review and address specific issues. 
  1. Each ad hoc committee will have at least three (3) members.
  2. Ad hoc committees will elect a chairperson who will present the issue and report the committee's findings to the Staff Council.
  3. The life of the committee will be determined by the matter under consideration and the committee shall be disbanded when the task has been completed.
  4. Ad hoc committees shall accept the issues assigned to the committee by the Executive Board; address the item(s) in a responsible and timely manner; and make progress reports on the committee activities to the Staff Council, as well as a final report and inclusive of recommendations.
Section 7. Recurring Ad Hoc Committees

Recurring ad hoc committees are appointed by the Executive Board. The recurring ad hoc committees of the Staff Council will be the Nominations and Election Committee, Constitution and By-laws Committee, and the Committee on Committees.
  1. Nominations and Election Committee: The Executive Board shall appoint one member from each EEO Classification to the Nominations and Election Committee in January of each year. The committee shall handle all nomination and election procedures as set forth in the By-laws; coordinate and validate all elections to the Staff Council. No Staff Council member who is a candidate for a Staff Council position may be a member of the Nominations and Election Committee.
  2. Constitution and By-laws Committee: Upon request of the Executive Board, this committee shall review the Constitution and By-laws to assess the continued appropriateness to current Staff Council needs. The committee will review, propose and recommend through the Executive Board to the Staff Council any changes or revisions to the Constitution or By-laws. The committee may also consider proposed changes in the Constitution or By-laws introduced by Staff Council members.

Committee on Committees: Upon request of the Executive Board, this committee shall review the structure and scope of existing standing committees and shall make recommendations for the creation of new standing committees or recurring ad hoc committees. This committee shall also submit recommendations concerning membership on Staff Council committees.