Assessment, Planning & Effectiveness

Welcome to the home page of the Office of Institutional Assessment, Planning & Effectiveness at Texas Southern University. We hope you find the information available on our website quite useful for your institutional or department needs. We are also interested in your experiences, good or bad, please send us feedback at .Our office is located in Hannah Hall - Room 143.

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   The Institutional Assessment, Planning & Effectiveness Team

Raijanel Crockem, EdD 
Executive Director
Hannah Hall, Suite 143 A
Phone: 713-313-1066
Fax: 713-313-4317
Email :


Sallie Moseley, BA SocW
Sr. System Analyst
Hannah Hall, Suite 143 D
Phone: 713-313-7921
Fax: 713-313-4317
Email :


Stephanie Neveu, M.A.
TSI Coordinator
Hannah Hall, Suite 143 C
Phone: 713-313-6886
Fax: 713-313-4317
Email :