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Get ready for Summer/Fall 2019!

Texas Southern University is open! We are excited to start the Spring 2019 semester. Are you? Start preparing for the upcoming semester by checking on things like financial aid or your admissions status. Much of this can be done online! Check it out:

  • Submit and/or request a transcript or academic records
    Below are the ways a student may submit transcripts to the University:
    1. Transcripts can be sent electronically from the high school or University/College via TRex, Parchment, Naviance, E-Script, and National Clearing House.
    2. Mailed to:
      Texas Southern University
      3100 Cleburne St.
      Houston, TX 77004
      Attn: Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Register Online:
    Check out this super-friendly video that guides you through online registration: https://vimeo.com/267878636
  • Check/update financial aid status: Go to MyTSUWeb

Another great resource page is our   Information for Future students and the general landing page for Students