RCMI Faculty

Name Title RCMI Position
Chandler, Joyce RCMI Program Manager Program Manager
Plott, Richard Director of Assessment/Planning&Effectiveness Internal Evaluator
Liang, Dong
(Liang Curriculum Vitae)
Professor/Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences Program Director
Matin, Angabin Research Associate Professor,
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Co-Director of
Molecular Biology Core
Ohia, Sunny
(Curriculum Vitae)
Professor, Pharmacology Activity Leader of Professional
Olaleye, Omonike
(Curriculum Vitae)
Associate Professor,
Interim Assistant Dean of Student Services
Activity Leader of Collaborations
& partnerships
Oyekan, Adebayo
(Oyekan Curriculum Vitae)
Professor and Director, Center for
Cardiovascular Diseases
Co-Principal Investigator
Poon, Ivy O.
(Poon Curriculum Vitae)
Professor, Pharmacy Practice Activity Leader of Pilot Project
Ranganna, Kasturi
(Ranganna Curriculum Vitae)
Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical
Director of Molecular Biology Core
Stemley, Edward C.
(Curriculum Vitae)
Associate Professor and Dean of the
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Principal Investigator (contact)
Thomas, Renard
(Curriculum Vitae)
Associate Professor, Environmental Health Co-Director of environmental
Toxicology Core
Wilson, Bobby
(Wilson Curriculum Vitae)
Professor, Chemistry Director of Environmental 
Toxicology Core
Xie, Huan
(Xie Curriculum Vitae)
Professor, Pharmaceutics Director of Pharmacology Core