dean's welcome


This is an exciting time at TSU and the College of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences is at the forefront of this renaissance.   Central to our mission is working with students to prepare them for the next stage of their lives, be it work or graduate school.  We pride ourselves on the rigor of instruction and the myriad of opportunities for students to work closely with scholars and professionals in the social sciences, humanities and arts.  In our nine departments and twelve undergraduate degree programs you will find dynamic programs that continue to evolve.  We will be opening a Confucius Institute that will expand our language offerings to include Chinese.  We have study abroad programs, public performances and engage our communities in a variety of ways.  Our partnership with the City of Houston and the 5th Ward CDC will establish the first community theatre site for a university in Houston.  These are our most recent achievements and we have many more to accomplish.  In COLABS, we are also bullish about technology and each discipline has access to their own computer labs where students will learn and use cutting- edge technology for their field. 

So if you’re a musician or a historian, English scholar or fluent in Spanish, dietitian or sociologist, you will discover an environment where students from across our college interact and work together in a stimulating environment.  As an undergraduate or graduate student you are only limited by your imagination and dedication.  We aspire to transform the world through our future artists, social workers and psychologists.  We welcome you to join us!

Danille K. Taylor, Ph.D.