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The Business and Economics Library is located on the fifth floor of the Robert James Terry Library. It has a seating capacity of approximately 80 to 90 with a partial open stack arrangement. All materials in the collection deal primarily with business and economics. The library is an integral part of the instructional and research programs of the Jesse E. Jones School of Business and other interdisciplinary academic programs. A professional library staff assisted by graduate and under graduate students provides quality service and research assistance to undergraduate, graduate and distance learning students, the faculty, staff, alumni, administration and University community. Included in the services offered are information literacy and bibliographic instruction.

The Business and Economics Library has more than 52,000 volumes including books, bound periodicals, thousands of microforms and some 350 current journals, online access to scholarly databases with full text articles, electronic resources including business related DVDs, e-books, PDF files and CDs. There are other serial titles such as: business and economic indexes, directories, business and financial services, corporate annual reports, other financial statements and vertical files.   The Business and Economics collections can be accessed through the Library Catalog. The Business and Economics Library has five computer workstations connected to a network printer. The Terry Library has wireless access.

On the fifth floor there are ten study rooms that are available on first come first served basis. To use a study room you must present a current Tiger One Card and complete a study room user slip. Faculty and graduate students writing doctoral dissertations can reserve a study room on a semester basis. Study room reservations are made in the Terry Library Administrative Office, second floor room 230. There is a $5.00 key fee.


Materials housed in the library include the Library of Congress Classification HB-HJ (Business and Economics), KF (Business Law), and Z49-Z99 (Word processing, typing, etc). These materials   are arranged loosely into three collections: circulating collection, reference collection and the periodicals, newspapers and microforms collection. To distinguish materials housed in the Business and Economics Library all call numbers begin with BUS. All other materials without a call number such as current periodicals, newspapers, some directories and financial services are stamped Business Library.

Materials in the circulating book collection do circulate outside the library and can be checked out of the library at the Circulation/Reserve Desk on the first floor with a current Tiger One Card. An example of the call numbers appearing on books in the circulating collection looks like this: BUS HF5601.M52 2004. The circulating collection has an open stack arrangement.

Books and other materials housed in the Reference Collection do not circulate outside of the library and must be used in the library. In this collection you will find: encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, almanacs, biographies, indexes, directories, stock reports, business and financial services, continuations and other serial materials. An example of the call numbers appearing on these books is: BUS REF HD31. S4225 2000. The Reference Collection is an open stack arrangement.

The Business Library has a strong periodicals, newspapers and microforms collection. In addition to receiving over 350 business and financial journals, the library also receives a number of daily newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Timesand the HoustonBusiness Journal. Bound periodicals are located on the southeast side of the fifth floor and are arranged in alphabetical order by title and have open stacks. Current newspapers are in the same area and are filed on a newspaper rack.

Current periodicals, back issues of newspapers, business DVDs and CDs are housed in room 550. This room also houses microform copies of periodicals, newspapers, and corporate annual reports, the vertical files and microform reader/printers. There is five cents per page charge to copy microforms. To use materials housed in room 550 you must present a current Tiger One Card and fill out call slip for requested materials.

The Business and Economics Library provides access to a substantial number of databases and e-Books. A selected list of databases is listed below. For a more complete list of databases, please see the Terry Library electronic databases page. You may access electronic resources from Find Articles & More . If you are off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your last name and T Number. Databases listed as Free Access are freely available to anyone and do not require a login.  Your authorization will remain in place until you close your browser. 

You can start your research here using the list of databases below:

Print indexes can be used to locate scholarly articles in the research process. To locate periodical and newspaper articles, search by subject and author. Periodical and newspaper Indexes cover many subjects in business and economics. The indexes are located in the reference collection area on an Index Table. Several of the indexes are:

  • • Accounting and Tax Index BUS REF Z7164 .C81 A53 An index of citations on accounting, taxation and finance.
  • • Business Periodical Index. BUS REF Z7164 .C81 B983  Indexes many subjects related to business- accounting, advertising and marketing, banking and finance, insurance, communications, computer technology, management, production, corporations and industries, international business and more.
  • • Wall Street Journal Index. BUS REF HG1 .W26  Provides abstracts and comprehensive indexing to all articles in the Eastern edition of the Wall Street Journal, which is an American international daily financial newspaper. The Index has two sections- Corporate News and General News.  

A number of directories, business and financial services and other continuations are housed in the Corporate Information Island.   Some of the titles housed here are:

  •       American Corporate Families. 3vols. Latest edition.
  •         Corporate Directory of US Public Companies
  •        Encyclopedia of Associations
  •          Lexis Nexis Red Books
  •          Mergent Municipal & Government Manual.
  •         Million Dollar Directory
  •          National Minority and Women-owned Businesses
  •         Rand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide.
  •          SRDS Radio Advertising Source.
  •          SRDS T V & Cable Source.
  •          S&P Bond Guide.
  •         S&P Outlook.
  •        S&P Stock Guides.  
  •         S&P Stock Reports.
  •        Standard and Poor’s Register 
  •        Standard and Poor’s Standard Corporation Records. Latest
  •        Value Line. BUS REF HG4501 .V26   Latest
  •      Who Owns Whom: Lexis Nexis Corporate Affiliations

The library also maintains a corporate microfiche system known as the SEC files. The SEC files Index call number is BUS REF HG4028.B2S43. It contains annual reports and other financial information on more than 4,500 primate and public companies since1978. These materials do not circulate outside of the library.                                                                                                            


The Information Desk is the primary public service point for the Business and Economics Library. The goal of the library staff is to offer top quality service to all library patrons whether it’s on the Main campus, Off-campus, distance learners, faculty, staff or someone from the community. We are here to answer questions by telephone, in person or e-mail, assist with research, locate materials, offer library instructions-one on one, or small groups. We are at your service during normal library hours.

Some library materials are kept behind the Information Desk. The materials are called Ready Reference--they are very easily accessible. A few of them are listed below:

African Economic Outlook. BUS REF HC800.A1 A35625

Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios. BUS REF HF5681 .R25A45 2005

Business Plan Books. Bus REF HD30

Business Statistics 5th ed. by Ken Black (kept in room 550) BUS HF1017 .B572 2008

Dictionary of Occupational Titles. 2 vols. BUS REF HB2595 .U543

CPA Exam Reviews

FASB Original Pronouncements. 3 vols. BUS REF HF5616 .U5F537

Federal Tax Handbook. BUS REF KF6289.R523 2005

GMAT 2011. BUS REF HF1118 .H43 2010 (kept in room 550)

How to write Proposals (Books). BUS REF HF5718.5

Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios. BUS REF HF5681 .R25 I54

Media Handbook. BUS Ref HF5826.6 .K38 2003

NAICS (North America Industrial Classification System). BUS REF HF1041.5 .N674 1997

New York Times Almanac.

Occupational Outlook Handbook. BUS REF HF5381

Operations Management 8th ed. by Jay Heizer- Personal copy Dr. George Yorke (kept in room550)

Personal Legal FormsKF886. R63

Petroleum Accounting; principles, procedures, and Issues by H. R. Brock. BUS HF5686 .P3B76 (kept in room 550)

Resume Books BUS REF .HF5383

Standard Industrial Classification Code. BUS REF HF1042 .S73 1987

Statistical Abstract of the United States. BUS REF HA202

Starting a Business (Books). KF1659 .Z9

United States Government Manual. BUS REF JK421 .A3

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