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Suggest an Item for Purchase

Recommendations from faculty, staff and students for the purchase of books, serials, multimedia, and electronic resources to support the University’s teaching and research are welcomed and encouraged by the library. Every effort will be made to accommodate a request within the constraints of our collection development policy and budget. It is the policy of the Library to purchase one copy of the latest edition of an item.

Please check the Library Catalog for availability before submitting a request.

Information to include in your e-mail request:

Item Being Requested:

  • Type of Material Requested (Book, E-book, Journal, Database, CD, DVD)
  • Author
  • Title (Include vol. & edition)
  • Publisher
  • Publisher’s Address
  • Date of Publication

Information about You:

  • Your Name
  • Your Affiliation with TSU (Faculty, Staff, Student)
  • Your Department
  • Your E-mail Address
  • Date You Submitted the Request
  • Comments (Additional information about the item and why you believe the RJ Terry Library should purchase this item)
  • Please indicate if your Dean (or Library Committee) has approved the request by typing his/her name (or Committee Chair's name) in the subject line of your email. 

Click here to make your request: Library Acquisition Assistant