Instrumental Audition Information




Live auditions are held in the Department of Music by appointment. You can also audition if a director visits your school. Virtual audition options include Skype, Face Time, Hangouts, etcetera.

You can also upload audition video yo YouTube or Vimeo. Please be sure to send us the link, especially if you make the video private.

Please audition as soon as possible especially if you are seeking financial assistance. Please note that those who have begun the application process to Texas Southern receive priority consideration for scholarships.

General Requirements:

ALL STUDENTS should prepare a solo and scales and/pr rudiments (see below). Honor Band or All-State etudes are acceptable as well as Solo and Ensemble festival pieces. If you do not have an appropriate solo, there are links below to audition etudes you can download. You will be asked to sightread music! This is an important part of "life in the Ocean." If you submit an audition recording we can do the sight-reading portion on the audition over the internet.

Brass and woodwind players (also mallet percussionists) should prepare all 12 major scales and arpeggios from memory at a minimum of 80 bpm.

Percussionists should prepare rudiments from P.A.S. list ( Those hoping to play snare or quints should also prepare some hybrid rudiments. Bass drum and Cymbal players should prepare the 26 rudiments on the P.A.S. list with an asterisk (*). Also, note that if you use one of the etudes below, you must play the whole page!


Audition Etude for Fall 2016





T.C. Baritone

French Horn

Trombone/B.C. Baritone



Percussion Audition Etudes

Top Level Snare Etude

2nd Level Snare Etude

Mallet with Snare Etude

Timpani and Mallets Etude

Timpani with Snare Etude



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