Ocean Twirlers

Feature Twirlers Audition Requirements

Potential candidates for auditions, twirlers are required to perform a 1 1/2 minute individual routine to their own music. The candidate may include one, two and three batons. It also may include a prop. Fire batons and knives are not permitted during try-outs.

The judges look for appearance, grace, sharpness, and at least an intermediate level of twirling.

Feature Twirler Applicants are required to perform the following skills:

       * 2-spins or higher
          * Toss Illusion
          * Toss Reverse Illusion
          * High toss cartwheel and/or High toss walkover
          * Split right and/or left
          * Hitch kick
          * 2-baton /3-baton


Double Illusions or Roll Series and other advanced abilities are considered.

Applicants are also judged on:

         * appearance
         * showmanship
         * foot work
         * marching (where appropriate)
         * personality projection
         * fitness level

TSU Feature Twirlers will perform at half-time at all football games and also participate in parades and exhibition performances. Twirlers are encouraged to perform with one, two and three batons, fire, and hoop batons & twirling knives

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