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      Executive Committee Members

 "What we have witnessed in our own time is the death of universities as centres of critique...
We will not change this simply by increasing state funding of the humanities as opposed to slashing it to nothing. We will change it by insisting that a critical reflection on human values and principles should be central to everything that goes on in universities, not just the study of Rembrandt and Rimbaud."
- Terry Eagleton

Dr. Jafus Kenyatta Cavil Dr. Edieth Wu Dr. Rasoul Saneifard
Faculty Chairperson
Dr. Jafus Kenyatta Cavil

College of Education
Office: (713) 313-1965
Faculty Vice Chairperson
Dr. Edieth Wu

Thurgood Marshall School of Law
Office: (713) 313-7038
Faculty Secretary
Dr. Rasoul Saneifard

College of Engineering &Technology
Office: (713) 313-7689

Dr. Olurominiyi Ibitayo Dr. Mammo Woldie Dr. Luis Perez-Feliciano
Faculty Treasurer
Dr. Olurominiyi Ibitayo

BJ-ML School of Public Affars
Office: (713) 313-7403
Faculty Parliamentarian
Dr. Mammo Woldie

JHJ School of Business
Office: (713) 313-7796
Faculty Speaks Editor
Dr. Luis Perez-Feliciano
BJ-ML School of Public Affairs
Office: (713) 313-4813