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Host an Information Session

Information sessions are a great way to promote your company's opportunities and interact with potential candidates before your interviews.  These sessions allow students to get to know your organization beyond the job description.  You may also create a specialized session unique to your organization (e.g., alumni panel, interview preparation, simulation, competition, industry-specific panel or presentation).

Request your session by sending us an email to
We ask that recruiters submit their on-campus requests at least one (1) week before their requested date.
Fall 2015
Unavailable Dates
All rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Information sessions can't be scheduled on any of the dates listed below,
 Monday-Friday- Orientation and registration period for first-time freshmen and new transfer students August 17 - August 21
 Monday - CLASSES BEGIN August 24
 Monday- Labor Day holiday September 7
 Friday- Founder's Day September 10
 MID-SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS October 11 - October 17
 Homecoming October 19 - October 24
 Monday – Veterans’ Day holiday November 11
 Thursday-Saturday Thanksgiving holidays November 26 - November 29
 Friday- Last day of classes December 4
 Saturday-Friday- FINAL EXAMINATIONS December 6 - December 11
 Official closing of semester December 11
 Saturday Commencement Exercises December 12
Shipping Materials
All materials should be shipped to:
Office of Career Services
Attn: [Your Org. Name]
3100 Cleburne Street
Houston, TX 77004