QEP Associate Director
Arbolina L. Jennings

Assistant Professor, English, COLABS
Phone: 713-313-6764/7661
Email: jennings_al@tsu.edu

QEP Program Coordinator
Camesha Scruggs

QEP Office
Phone: 713-313-6758/6759
Email: scruggscl@TSU.EDU

Literacy QEP Points of Freshmen Intervention

The QEP has developed an academic immersion program—an intervention—for first-year students with activities and enhancements in information and communication literacy interjected in the various instructional opportunities within the freshman year: Freshman Orientation, Freshman Seminar (FS 102), Freshman English I (ENG 131), Speech Communication (SC 135), and Freshman English II (ENG 132).

The Quality Enhancement Plan is a five-year project, 2011-2016. The 2011-2012 academic year piloted the QEP.