QEP Associate Director
Arbolina L. Jennings

Assistant Professor, English, COLABS
Phone: 713-313-6764/7661
Email: jennings_al@tsu.edu

QEP Program Coordinator
Camesha Scruggs

QEP Office
Phone: 713-313-6758/6759
Email: scruggscl@TSU.EDU

QEP PILOT 2011-2012

The Literacy QEP: Promoting Excellence in Learning was piloted during the 2011-2012 academic year to a cohort consisting of 400 freshmen students residing in the Urban Academic Village (UAV).

The UAV is a program funded by the Houston Endowment to create a residential academic learning community on the TSU campus beginning with the 2011 entering class.  The QEP provided the curricular academic enhancements in information and communication literacy to UAV classes.  UAV students were enrolled in blocked sections in their general education courses and thus formed an ideal cohort with which to pilot the QEP. In the fall 2011, a third of the Freshman Seminar (FS 102), Speech Communication (SC 135), and Freshman English I (ENG 131) were designated UAV/QEP classes; and in the spring 2012, a similar group, ten sections, of Freshman English II (ENG 132) served as UAV/QEP pilot classes.  Findings from the pilot classes showed student learning outcomes on information and communication literacy increased in the QEP group although end of semester grades were not significantly different those from the general population. The data resulting from those UAV/QEP sections were useful in planning the implementation of the QEP to the entire population of FS 102, ENG 131, ENG 132, and SC 135 in the fall 2012.

The Urban Academic Village project has benefitted the QEP by developing and providing an institution-wide academic environment for students and by compiling data on the academic achievement and progress of students enrolled in the UAV/QEP classes. 

The QEP has also benefitted from participation in the Advancement Via Individual Determination(AVID) program. AVID has provided faculty development and advisor trainings as well as a compendium of AVID teaching resources and materials.

At TSU the QEP collaborates and shares resources with the Teaching and Learning Excellence Center (TLEC) which provides faculty development and specialized trainings.