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September 21, 2020

Loteria "Lonches" - Prof. Rosarito Rodriguez-Gonzales (ODEI)

September 22, 2020

-Hewlett Packard Enterprise Site Visit
-Words of the Movement - Dr. Austin James, Dr. Benson, Dr. Howell

September 23, 2020

Voter Registration Activity

September 24, 2020

2020 TSU Tiger Career Fair

September 26, 2020

SAT Testing

September 28, 2020

-Cheniere Energy Inc. Information Session (Career and Professional Development Center)
-Freshman Handshake Session (Career and Professional Development Center)
-Loteria "Lonches" - Dr. Jesus Esparza

September 28th-30th

Fall Staff CPR Refresher (Campus Recreation & Wellness)

September 29, 2020

-Freshman Handshake Session (Career and Professional Development Center)
-Music of the Movement

September 30, 2020

-Freshman Handshake Session (Career and Professional Development Center)
-Latinx Hump Night - virtual (ODEI)
-COLABS Conversations - Being Heard when Voting Just Doesn’t Feel Sufficient (ODEI)
New Miss TSU: Janai Minga
MS TSU 2020 Janai
New Mr TSU: Chris Jones
2020 Mr TSU Chris Jones
New SGA 73rd Elected President: Khaniya Burley
khaniya sga pres 2020
Good News Announcements: Student Academic Support Services (SASS)

Freshman Advising:

First-time Freshman advisors (ECA's) are now implementing our part of the QEP initiative with our Freshman. Through our Tier 2 partnership, Freshman will be getting a detailed understanding of the QEP & Tier 2 partnership. This covers our 14 plays in 45 days, specifically play 6 & 7 (Self-administration & Self-awareness).

Academic Skill Center:

The Academic Skill Center will be leading out a Goal-setting workshop Thursday, September 3rd, 2020. Over 75 students have RSVP'd and are expected to participate.

Tutorial Center:

As we prepare for the influx of students to start booking tutorials, peer tutors are taking the initiative to meet the students where they are by, creating social media pages, Youtube, Tik-Tok videos dedicated to their roles, along with creating a social media calendar that students can follow to receive study tips, tutorial support and to feel connected to texas southern University.

SASS Day-to -Day Business Operations Mrs. Gretchen partnered up with OIT to ensure all staff members were able to work adequately from home. She also spearheaded ordering and coordinating the proper PPE and equipment for all areas in the Fairchild building.

COVID-19 Guide

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