Dr. Jovita O. Esechie’s primary research areas are environmental planning, health, and safety,

public policy, ethnic minority environmental issues, HIV/AIDS issues, rehabilitation of an ailing economy through effective management of small-scale industries, and government policy on land assemblage. She has presented her research on the implications and impact of supporting children who are made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS at the Association of Collegiate School of Planning conference. Her recent publication in the Journal of Environment and Ecology highlighted Pesticide exposure among open field and greenhouse workers. Dr. Esechie’s publication in the African Studies Review highlighted resilience as an element of sustainability and the indicators that can contribute to and help foster the development of a sustainable community. She has also been published in the Journal of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine, Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Journal of Environment and Ecology. Dr. Esechie in collaboration with other colleagues is currently working on public policies for the administration of justice in anglophone countries in Africa.

Area of Specialization:

Environmental planning, Health, and Safety, Natural and Technological Hazards, Community Resilience

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