The mission of the College of Education is to prepare caring, committed, competent, culturally responsive urban professionals who are equipped to provide effective service in schools, agencies, and other entities, utilizing research, collaboration, and application in seeking solutions to teaching, learning, social, physical and behavioral issues facing urban populations.


Curriculum and Instruction

Offers initial teacher preparation programs that prepare graduates to be certified teachers...

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Educational Administration & Foundations

Offers programs leading to Masters Degree and Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration, and certifications in Principalship and Superintendency.

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The mission of the Department is to prepare counselors who value equity and equality to meet the demands of a culturally and linguistically diverse clientele through a special emphasis on knowledge bases and internships in an urban setting.

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Health, Kinesiology & Sport Studies

The primary mission of the Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sport Management is to prepare students for entry into the workforce and for graduate study. A secondary mission is to ensure that all students matriculating through the University have an understanding of the importance of wellness and health-related fitness upon society.

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