CBMH Administrative Core


The Administrative Core (ADC) of CBMHR, directed by the PIs/PD, provide administrative leadership, oversight, accountability, integrative coordination, communication, mentorship, programmatic assessment and evaluation for all CBMHR cores [Research Infrastructure Core (RIC), Investigator Development Core (IDC), Community Engagement Core (CEC)], and activities. The specific aims of the ADC are:

  1. Provide integrated administrative oversight, logistical support, centralized resources for CBMHR cores/activities and research projects
  2. Develop and deploy career enhancement activities for junior faculty and postdocs
  3. Increase productivity of TSU investigators by fostering synergy through the provision of centralized activities and establishment of a rich collaborative environment
  4. Deploy a rigorous evaluation and continuous improvement program to maximize CBMHR impact.

The unique and collective strengths of CBMHR cores, innovative research projects, excellent resources and structured career enhancement program will make it a novel synergistic center, a first-of-its-kind (at TSU and in the TMC) that will provide comprehensive, integrated and centralized infrastructure and high quality capabilities for advanced biomedical research innovation and synergistic community engagement that directly impact minority health and encompass the different aspects of biomedical discovery and preclinical drug development. ADC is critical to help to synergize research infrastructure capabilities to bring more young minority investigators into the mainstream biomedical research and maximally provide the necessary support to our investigators that are addressing the pressing health concerns and needs of the communities we serve.