Division of Academic Affairs and Research
Division of Academic Affairs and Research


I am pleased to welcome you to the Division of Academic Affairs and Research at Texas Southern University. The Provost serves as the chief academic officer of the university reporting directly to the President.

The Provost also has administrative oversight for research/scholarly activities, Libraries/Museums, Student Success Services and Institutional Assessment, Planning and Effectiveness on campus. Academic programs are offered in ten colleges and schools: College of Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences, Jesse H. Jones School of Business, College of Education, College of Continuing Education, The Graduate School, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, School of Science and Technology, Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs and the School of Communications.

Together, these colleges and schools offer 53 baccalaureate degree programs, 36 master’s degree programs, three Doctor of Philosophy degree programs and three professional doctoral degrees in education, law and pharmacy. The wide variety of academic program offerings gives our diverse student body an excellent opportunity to learn from over 500 full-time dedicated faculty.

You are welcome to explore our academic programs of study and to contact my office if the need arises. Thank you.

Division of Academic Affairs and Research Organizational Chart
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Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs


Kendall Harris, Ph.D.

Kendall.Harris@tsu.edu (713) 313-1137

Interim Associate Provost/Associate Vice President for Academic and Faculty Affairs


Rasoul Saneifard, Ph.D.

saneifard_rx@tsu.edu (713) 313-7689

Associate Provost / Associate Vice President for Research





Executive Assistant to the Provost


Cynthia Williams

williamscs@tsu.edu (713) 313-1136

Executive Director of Provost of Business Services


Charles Henry

henryce@tsu.edu (713) 313-4343

Ombudsperson and Director of Academic Retention Services 


Lori LaBrie

labrie_la@tsu.edu (713) 313-7040 

Faculty Ombudsperson


Carlton Perkins, Ph.D

perkinsc@tsu.edu (713) 313-7187 

Executive Director of Library Services


Janice L. Peyton, Ph.D.

Janice.Peyton@tsu.edu (713) 313-7885 

Executive Director of the Office of Continuing Education


Melanie Lawson, Ph.D.

Lawson_MW@TSU.EDU (713) 313-7762

Director of Center for Online Education and Instructional Teaching


Remi Ademola

AdemolaRA@tsu.edu (713) 313-4835

Acting Dean, Thurgood Marshall School of Law


Gary Bledsoe, JD

Gary.bledsoe2@tsu.edu  (713)-313-1071 

Dean, Roderick E. Paige College of Education


Lillian Poats, Ph.D.

poats_LB@tsu.edu  (713)-313-7978 

Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Behavioral Sciences


Needha-Boutte Queen, Ph.D.

Needha.Boutte-Queen@tsu.edu  (713)-313-7662 

Interim Dean, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences


Shirlette Milton, Ph.D.

milton_sg@tsu.edu    (713)-313-7551

Interim Dean, College of Science, Engineering, and Technology


Azime S. Saydam. Ph.D.

azime.saydam@tsu.edu  (713)-313-7007

Interim Dean, Jesse H. Jones School of Business


Claudius B. Claiborne, Ph.D.

Claudius.Claiborne@tsu.edu 7780

Interim Dean, School of Communication


Rockell Brown–Burton, Ph.D.

rockell.brown@tsu.edu  (713)-313-4312

Interim Dean, Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs


Theophilus Herrington, Ph.D.

Theo.herrington@tsu.edu  (713)-313-3326 

Dean, The Graduate School


Gregory H. Maddox, Ph.D.

Maddox_GH@tsu.edu (713)-313-7889 

Dean, Thomas F. Freeman Honors College


Dianne Jemison-Pollard, Ed.D., MFA

Jemison-Pollard_DF@tsu.edu  (713)-313-7139 

Assistant Provost
Academic Support & Online Learning


Dr. Chantell Link, Ph.D.

Chantell.link@tsu.edu  (713)-313-7602