TSU & Coronavirus FAQs

(Please note that this is a constantly evolving situation; we will update questions and answers as quickly as possible as conditions change.)

Academics & Classes

Will my classes be in person or online for Fall 2021?  Open
What will classroom space look like in the Fall 2021 Semester?  Open
What if I don't feel comfortable coming to class in person?  Open
What is the grading policy for Fall 2021?  Open
When are graduation applications due for Fall 2021?  Open
Will tutoring be available online?  Open
What about research labs?  Open
How are clinicals and practicums being handled?  Open
Will professors have online office hours in Fall 2021?  Open
Can I register for summer/fall classes if I still have a balance on my account?  Open
How can I get my books for classes?  Open
Are the Offices of Admissions/International Student Admissions, Outreach & Recruitment, Enrollment Services, and the Registrar open?  Open
What is the status of the GRE for admission into Graduate School?  Open

Campus Operations

Are facial masks required when coming on to the campus?  Open
What about unvaccinated students?  Open
What is TSU doing with regard to campus cleansing?  Open
What if I am exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms?  Open
Is campus COVID-19 testing available?  Open
What if I need health accomodations?  Open
Is the Library Learning Center open?  Open
Can I attend athletics events in-person?  Open
Is the Recreation Center open?  Open
Will the Testing Center be open?  Open
Can visitors return to campus?  Open
Are campus tours still happening?  Open


Will the coronavirus outbreak have any effect on the admissions process for prospective or newly admitted students?  Open
How do I receive my login/ID number?  Open
I have a hold on my account. What is it? What do I do?  Open

Student Services

I’m anxious about the coronavirus. What TSU resources are available?  Open
Is Sterling Student Life Center (SSLC) open?  Open
Is the Office of Student Conduct open?  Open
Is the Office of Veteran Services open?  Open
Is the Student Accessibility Services Office open?  Open
Who do I contact to discuss accommodations?  Open
Is TRIO Upward Bound open?  Open
Is Career and Professional Development Center open?  Open
Is The Office of Student Life open?  Open
Is the Office of Campus Organizations & Greek Life open?  Open
Is The Bookstore open?  Open
Is the University Post Office open?  Open
Is Campus Dining open and available?  Open
Is the Parent Child Learning Lab open?  Open
Is TRIO – Talent Search and Student Support Services open?  Open
Is Student Health Services open?  Open
Is the University Debate Team operating?  Open
Is the University Counseling Center open?  Open
Is the Office of Event Services open?  Open

Faculty & Staff, Work-Study

Should faculty and staff report to work on campus?  Open
What is the campus doing to keep students, faculty and staff healthy and safe?  Open
What about in-person meetings?  Open
Can student workers who are non-work study come to work, or can they work remotely?  Open
What about student workers who are work-study? Can they work remotely?  Open