The Graduate School's major goal is that of providing an environment which supports the enhancement of research, teaching and other scholarly pursuits for students seeking advanced degrees in specialized academic disciplines. Through graduate study, a high level of scholarship is encouraged and the qualities of industry, intellectual honesty, thoroughness and accuracy are emphasized by the involvement of students in courses, seminars, independent study and research. Graduate degree programs are structured to enable students to obtain education and training in specialized academic subjects. Through these experiences, graduates are prepared to provide leadership and expertise to meet the needs and demands of our democratic society.

Within the context of these goals the graduate program of the University seeks to provide an environment in which the pursuit and love of learning is nourished and enhanced to the maximum extent. The major objectives of the Graduate School are:

  1. To provide advanced programs of study in specialized academic disciplines.
  2. To provide students with knowledge of the concepts and techniques for scholarly research.
  3. To teach students to anticipate consequences and assay the validity of assumptions.
  4. To prepare students to synthesize the essence of knowledge drawn from several related courses in an academic discipline.
  5. To train students in the techniques of problem solving through the use of systematic analysis.
  6. To prepare students to become creative contributors to the advancement of knowledge and to the well-being of society.

The objectives of the Graduate School are undergirded by a commitment to intellectual honesty, thoroughness, and accuracy. These virtues are emphasized by the University and apply to faculty and student involvement in courses, seminars, independent study and research. Graduate degree programs are structured to enable students to obtain specialized as well as interdisciplinary training in the various academic departments.

Through legislative mandate, the University and the Graduate School are committed to the development of programs and services that enable students and faculty to study the complex urban milieu and to render service to the urban community. Therefore, an overall goal of the Graduate School is to develop highly trained graduates for service in the public and private sectors with a knowledge of and interest in providing leadership and expertise in the solution of urban problems.

The policies governing admissions and the requirements for qualifying for professional certificates and degrees have been formulated to attract students who have the potential for achieving maximum benefits through an involvement in the graduate program. The ultimate aim is to develop an intellectually-oriented individual who appreciates his/her culture and is capable of achieving social, political and economic security as the result of being involved in the graduate program of Texas Southern University.