IV Therapy Certification

Intravenous (IV) Therapy Program

Patient safety and comfort are important elements in patient care. For the medical professional, the level of care provided is only as strong as the level of knowledge. As IV therapy has become more commonplace in inpatient and ambulatory settings, the need for knowledge has rapidly changed. With the change of equipment and supplies, patients are increasingly receiving IV therapy in more nontraditional settings.
This 8 hour program is intended to provide an update of the necessary skills to safely provide IV therapy.  Professionals providing IV therapy must continually keep current as IV Therapy continues to change.  During this course, students will receive instruction on performing IV therapy with a focus on anatomy and physiology,  asepsis, the equipment and supplies necessary, review of drug calculations, pharmacology as it relates to IV therapy, and the practice of starting and running an IV.

This update course is appropriate for RN’s, LPN’s and other experienced caregivers looking to upgrade and or refresh their existing IV Therapy skills.

Course Contact hours: 8 hrs.
Fee: $299 (Textbooks included)

Upcoming Session: Contact the Office of Continuing Education

Previous Experience & Educational Requirements

This course is available to RN’s, LPN’s and or other skilled professionals previously trained in IV therapy and or interested in upgrading or refreshing their intravenous therapy skills.

Detailed Course Information

This 8 hour Intravenous Therapy program includes, but is not limited to, the following major skill areas :

  • Indication and Rationales for IV therapy
  • Cultural beliefs regarding IV therapy
  • Roles and responsibilities in IV therapy administration
  • Risk management and patient care with infusion therapy
  • Patient care related to IV therapy
  • Circulatory and Lymphatic systems and veins used in IV therapy
  • Proximity of nerves to veins for IV Therapy
  • Fluid balances
  • Asepsis, chain of infections, and sterile technique
  • Universal precautions and OSHA
  • Types of IV administration sets, needles, IV solutions, and devices for regulation of IV administration
  • Calculating dosages
  • Methods of administering IV fluids
  • Complications of IV therapy
  • Principles of sate administration of medications
  • Pharmacokinetics related to IV therapy
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • Incompatibilities of fluids and medications
  • Safety considerations
  • Orders for IV therapy
  • Assessing the patient
  • Gathering the equipment, preparing the patient, selecting a suitable site, initiation of the IV infusion therapy
  • Care, assessment, maintenance and discontinuation of IV therapy

Please read the following refund policy as to regards for a refund for a course.

h4>Refund Policy

Texas Southern University reserves the right to change or cancel courses at anytime if the predetermined minimum enrollment is not attained.  Notification of changes and cancellations will be made by email or telephone. In the event that a course for which you have registered is cancelled, you may transfer to another course or receive a full refund.  Furthermore, a Full Refund can only be awarded if a student withdraws five business days prior to the first class meeting date or, as previously stated,  if the class is cancelled.  There are no partial refunds.  Please allow up to 10-14 business days for the refund to process. 

For more information, please contact William Hamilton, Program Coordinator, at (713) 313-7489.

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