Financial Aid Calendar

Fall 2019
October 1 Begin Submitting 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid
February 1 Priority Deadline for First Consideration of Financial Aid Awarding
February 15 Priority Deadline for first consideration of financial aid awarding
August 3 Deadline to Submit FAFSA to meet payment deadline and receive consideration for initial refund of excess aid on or after September 1
August 24 Deadline to Confirm payment of Fall Tuition
August 24 Classes Begin
August 30 Refund of Excess Aid for applicants who met the August 1 Deadline
September 8 Exit Counseling begins, refer to FA Office for complete calendar of dates
September 8 Last Day to Submit Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
September 8 Twelfth Class Day - Cost of Attendance Recalculated Based on Actual Hours of Enrollment Last date to ensure courses confirmed for enrollment in Fall 2020
September 17 Twentieth Class Day – Deadline to Pay or Establish Payment Plan
November 15 Deadline to Submit FAFSA for Fall 2020
December 11 Official Closing of the Semester