Work-Study Success Orientation

All work-study students and supervisors are required to attend Work Study Success Orientation.  Students and supervisors must register online to attend.  All students must attend an orientation prior to their prospective date of hire.  Work-Study students must complete the forms listed below: 

  1. Personnel Action Form (PAF)
  2. Award Letter/Screen Shot
  3. Personal Data Sheet
  4. Job Posting Sheet (Job Request Form)
  5. I-9 Employment Eligibility Form with two forms of original identification
  6. Federal W-4 Withholding Form
  7. Code of Responsibility for Security and Confidentiality Form
  8. Student Compliance Form-Rules, Regulations, and Responsibilities
  9. Work/Class Schedule Form
  10. Print Copy of School Detailed Class Schedule
  11. Orientation Certificate of Completion

Please view the Work-Study Success Presentation below.  This is your first step to completing the Work-Study Success Orientation.

Work-Study Success Presentation

A signed copy of the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and/or "Certificate of Completion" email serves as the student's authorization to begin employment. The authorization will only be provided once the student has completed orientation and submitted all appropriate documents.

Schedule to Attend an Orientation

Work-Study Success Orientation is designated for supervisors and those who have received a work-study award only.

**All sessions are located in the Office of Student Financial Assistance in West Garage Welcome Center**