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Trademark Licensing Application Information Overview

The Office of General Counsel operates to protect and control the use of Texas Southern University’s name and identifying marks, which are owned by the University and the State of Texas.  Companies and individuals wishing to use these marks are required to enter into a nonexclusive Trademark License Agreement with the University.  The process consists of the following:

Application and Non-Exclusive Licensing Agreement: The application and nonexclusive license agreement are completed by the prospective licensee and returned to the Office of General Counsel along with a $50.00 administrative fee, applicable advance royalty (annual minimum royalty fee of $300 for apparel companies and $150 for all others), samples of the products to be licensed, product specification sheets of each item, and a certificate of insurance which meets all requirements listed in section 24 of the agreement. The application, nonexclusive license agreement and supporting documentation will be reviewed. If approved, Texas Southern University will sign and return a copy of the executed agreement to the licensee. If the application is disapproved, samples will be returned and the advance royalty will be returned the applicant.

TSU requires the TM designation with all trademarks and a seven percent (7%) royalty rate. All designs must be approved by the Office of General Counsel before manufacture or distribution. The licensing agreement outlines all requirements for licensees in detail and should be read carefully upon receipt.

A Licensing Application is available at If you wish to become licensed, please print the downloadable application or contact our department for a paper application.  Complete the application and return it with all required materials, including the $50.00 application fee and samples of products to be licensed, to Texas Southern University, Office of General Counsel, 3100 Cleburne, Hannah Hall, Room 310, Houston, Texas  77004.

Artwork: Upon completion of the agreement, artwork is provided to the licensee at the licensee's request. The licensing process is then complete. All license agreements expire on July 1st of each year regardless of the date of the agreement. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you have about TSU’s licensing program.  Please feel free to call the office at (713) 313-7950.  We look forward to hearing from you.