Manager Toolkit


Required Trainings for all Managers (Click HERE to Request a link to complete training):

  • Business Ethics – What Employees need to Know (Policy)
  • Sexual Harassment – What Supervisors need to know (Policy)
  • ADA – What Supervisors need to know (Policy)

Additional Management Trainings are also available online. Click HERE for more information.


Support for you and your employees:

Creating and Maintaining Balance:
Work-Life Wellness Program


7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Disciplining an Employee (PDF)
Conflict Resolution Dos and Don'ts (PDF)
Ground Rules for a Successful Mediation Meeting (PDF)
Motivating Employees - 4 Dos (PDF)
8 Steps to Becoming the Manager Your Employees Need (PDF)


Performance Management Toolkit

Performance Management Resources
Performance Evaluation Training Guides