Compliance News, Alerts, Monitoring & Reporting

TSU Office of Institutional Compliance



News and Alerts
 The goal of the Compliance News and Alerts is to inform and educate the TSU family about new University policies and procedures and State rules and regulations relating to ethics and compliance. Additionally, for more in-depth items, Compliance publishes a newsletter quarterly regarding various compliance issues. 


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Monitoring & Reporting

Guided by the offices of Internal Audit and General Counsel, the goal of Compliance’s Monitoring and Reporting core area is to partner with stakeholders to identify high risk areas and monitor that particular area to ensure that the university is compliant with applicable University policies and procedures and State rules and regulations. Additionally, for issues of non-compliance, Compliance will notify the appropriate management personnel and collaborate on developing correct actions.  Areas currently monitored:
     ·    University Credit Cards
     ·    Contract Commissions
     ·    Contract Expirations
     ·    University Policies and Procedures
     ·    Ethics and Conflict of Interest Statement Disclosures