"Those who stand tall in our presence appear to be of unusual height because, in most cases, they stand on the shoulders of giants who have preceded them."JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN

The Texas Southern University Sports Hall of Fame is an organization founded to promote a program of recognition for great athletes, coaches and supporters of the University Athletic Program. The organization works cooperatively with, and provides leadership for the administration of the University in a realization of basic beliefs and for improving the programs of intercollegiate athletics. The hope of the University is that the honorees will serve to keep alive the memories of the men and women who have brought fame and recognition to the University, City, State and Nation.

Mission Statement

  • To foster a program of recognition for former athletes, supporters and coaches of the University. The program will be so conducted that the educational and ethical status of the University will be enhanced.
  • To display visual evidence of the great tradition of Athletics at Texas Southern University.
  • To encourage realignment with the University of all former athletes, supporters and coaches of the Athletics program.
  • To serve as a point of inspiration for present and future athletes, supporters and coaches of the Athletics program.
1976 Inductees
Edward Adams
Major Adams
Alexander Durley
Audrey Ford
Bennie Swain

1977 Inductees
Stanley Wright
Theo Bush
William Glosson
John Jones
Freddie Maura
Walter Minor
Edward Smith
Phillip Well
C.P. Windle

1986 Inductees
Judy Dyer
Winston Hill
James Hines
The Princes

1996 Inductees
Alonzo Bradley
Kenneth Burrough
Robert Hughes
Robert Taylor
Rodney Evans
Herbert Provost
Harry Kelly
Mary Onyali

Last Updated: 1/17/13