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Sigma Lambda Gamma is a sisterhood of women who have chosen this affiliation as a manner to achieve personal development and awareness to the responsibility of community involvement for the betterment of our local, regional, national and global communities through the efforts of a network of close to 3,000 sorority members. Furthermore, we continue to be a pioneer in the Greek fraternal world through development of innovative programming initiatives, such as the Young Women’s Leadership Program and Emotional Intelligence.

Today, Sigma Lambda Gamma is the largest, historically Latina-based national sorority with a multicultural membership in chapters and alumnae associations throughout the United States – from Arizona to Wyoming; Florida to Minnesota; New York to Texas; and many more states between the coasts of California and Rhode Island. A criterion for membership into Sigma Lambda Gamma is open to women of exceptional morals & ethics with a demonstrated commitment to academic excellence, and who are pursuing or have completed courses leading to a degree in an accredited college of university.

Sigma Lambda Gamma believes that Culture is Pride, Pride is Success. We explore the richness in the traditions of Latina culture. This encompasses the cultural heritages of Native Americans (North, Central and South), Europeans, Africans, Asians and their multiple and interesting mixtures. We celebrate the diversity of the backgrounds of all the members of our sorority. Through these efforts in cultural awareness, we expect that each woman will explore their roots and traditions and share those with other individuals so that cultural understanding and respect are promoted. We hope to create new traditions for future generations of women to celebrate their identity and heritage with pride and joy throughout the college years.  

Our Founding Mothers broke the barriers of traditional sororities to create an organization for women of every cultural and socio-economic background. In staying true to our foundation, Sigma Lambda Gamma is proud to say that we have over 110 nationalities in our membership. In the world map below, a country colored in either pink or purple denotes a country of origin for our sorority membership.

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