Faculty Development and Seed Grants

Faculty Development and Seed Grants   

The University Research Committee is prepared to receive Seed Grant proposals/applications for the 2010-2011 fiscal calendar year. Texas Southern University has been designated by the State Legislature as a special purpose institution for urban programming. Therefore, all Seed Grant proposals will be reviewed for their scholarly content as it relates to the mission, needs and urban programming goals of the University. Potential applicants may find further application criteria and specifics below.

Interested faculty members who meet the criteria outlined in the Seed Grant Guidelines and Procedures should forward their complete and signed application to the Research Coordinator in their college/ school on or before September 1. All questions concerning the application process should be directed to the respective coordinator.        

Dr. Rochelle Parks-Yancy
Dr. Vera Hawkins       
Professor L. Darnell Weeden   
Dr. Wei Wayne Li
Science and Technology
Dr. Collette Bloom
Dr. Melanie Lawson               
Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Dr. Olurominiyi O. Ibitayo
Public Affairs
Dr. Karen Kossie
Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Daniel Adams                     
Liberal Arts and Behavioral Sciences
T B A                 
Continuing Education








Please note that Seed Grant Applications will notbe accepted in the Department of Research Enhancement and Compliance Services.  You may contact Ms. Kimbler Lofton, Office Administrator at (713) 313-4245 with any inquiries regarding the application process.  


Faculty Development Forms 

 Seed Grant Forms  

 Seed Grant Procurement Presentation