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Welcome to the Texas Southern University
Newman Management Institute

The Institute is an intensive course in management within higher education, with the purpose of providing leadership and management training and a broad perspective about the special needs of higher education, for both current and potential future managers in the University's operating units.  The Institute is comprised of 10 full day seminars and will include lectures and conversations with senior administrators as practitioners of higher education management. 

One of the elements of the Institute will be a team project.  Each participant will be assigned to a team which will research a current issue facing the University and higher education.  Each participant is expected to contribute to the project's development and to participate in the class presentation at the conclusion of the Institute.  Although project time commitments vary, participants are expected to dedicate two to five hours per week of their own time in addition to the time required by the Institute.  The Institute will participate in a Ropes course which is organized and conducted as a 'team building activity.  You should know that participants will not be obligated to participate, but they will be strongly encouraged to be apart of this great team building effort. 

Participants will graduate with: 
  • A deeper understanding of the place of higher education in society, and Texas Southern University within higher education.
  • An understanding of the issues facing higher education into the next century.
  • An understanding of the "balance of powers" and decision-making processes that govern an institution of higher education.
  • An understanding of the major division of this or any university, and the relationships among them.
  • An understanding of fiscal management in higher education.
  • Enhanced knowledge and understanding of management strategies to achieve top quality service.
  • An understanding of the important role played by each individual within the University community in achieving the institution's goals.