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Standing Committees
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Lori Labrie
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Deneen Ford, Derek Lockett and Joe Merchant
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Remon Green and Charlotte Washington
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Standing Committee Duties/Meetings
The standing committees of the Staff Council shall accept business items assigned to the committee by the Executive Board, address the item(s) in a responsible and timely manner, and establish subcommittees to study specific issues, make recommendations and refer items as necessary.
Standing committees have the authority to request of the Executive Board the appointment of an ad hoc committee for special business under their jurisdiction. Under no circumstances shall information be disseminated from a committee which has not been authorized by a majority of the Executive Board or adopted by majority vote of the Staff Council.
The committee Chairperson will make a report to the Staff Council at each meeting; maintain and provide the Staff Council Chair and Staff Council Secretary with a written report of each committee meeting; prepare an annual report concerning the work of the committee to be submitted to the Executive Board by the last meeting of the year.
  1. Each committee should meet at least three times during the period September through May. Additional meetings may be called by the Chairperson, or upon request of at least two (2) members of the committee.
  2. Meetings shall be conducted following the guidelines set forth in Article VI of the By-laws.