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Welcome to the Texas Southern University Office of Internal Audit and Fraud website! This site is designed to familiarize the University with our services and to provide guidance for optimizing the University’s internal control environment.

The Office of Internal Audit and Fraud provides the independent examination, objective assurance, auditing and investigation services that enhance Texas Southern University’s system of internal control and strengthens operations on behalf of the Board of Regents, the President, and senior management. The Office of Internal Audit and Fraud utilizes a strategic approach designed to improve the effectiveness of risk management, controls and compliance processes to ensure: 

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations;
  • Reliability of financial and operational reporting;
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations; and
  • Compliance with Board policies, and the University’s Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures (MAPPs).


The mission of the Office of Internal Audit and Fraud is to provide the Audit Committee, the Board of Regents, the President and senior management with reasonable assurance that the systems of internal control throughout the University are adequate and operating effectively. Internal Audit provides its stakeholders with an independent and objective appraisal of key business processes and functions, and furnishes them with analyses, recommendations, and information concerning the processes reviewed.

Should you have any questions about this website, the Office of Internal Audit and Fraud Detection and Prevention, please contact us at 713-313-7454.