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2017 Fall Schedule

KTSU-FM Radio Tour Cancelled for Sat., Sept. 9


We hope that you and your families are safe following the storm.

Due to the recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey, we are canceling the Session 2 KTSU-FM Radio tour scheduled for Saturday, September 9.

We will reschedule for another time.

Please share this information with other Verizon ILMM @ Texas Southern University.

You can contact me at or 713.313.7603 if you have any questions.

Take care,

Rodney Bush


phone: (713) 313-7603

Thank you boys for an amazing summer with the Verizon Innovative Learning for Minority Males  program at Texas Southern University.  You guys were terrific and we had a great time.

The Fall activities will be divided into sessions;

        The boys who attended the program from July 5- 16 are in Session 1

        The boys who attended the program from July 19-30 are in Session 2.


verizon fall schedule

If you have any questions, please contact Rodney Bush by email at or call (713) 313-7603.


Take care,


Rodney Bush

Verizon ILMM @ TSU, Program Director


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What is the Verizon Innovative Learning for Minority Males Program?
    ● Verizon ILMM is a first-of-its-kind, two-year program that is helping minority middle school  boys in grades 6, 7 and 8 get hands-on learning experiences with advanced technology, introducing them to higher level skills - from coding to 3D-design - and opening their eyes to many of the exciting professional possibilities that STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and entrepreneurship skills can offer.
    ●    The program uses technology, hands-on and interactive instruction and long-term mentorship, to prepare young men to have brighter futures in our ever-changing digital world.

What skills will Verizon ILMM students obtain?
    ●   The curriculum will include skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and a range of STEM disciplines, such as:
    ●   App Development
    ●   Coding
    ●   3D-Design
    ●   3D-Printing
    ●   Robotics

When will the program be in session?
    ●  The summer program will be held from June 5 - June 30, 2017 on the campus of
        Texas Southern University.
    ●  2017 Session Dates:  June 5-16 and June 19-30
    ●  During the 2017-2018 school year, the students will participate in check-in sessions each month, which will include mentoring and support in their academic progress.
    ●  Attendance at all program activities is mandatory.  Participants who miss more than two (2) days during a session will be dismissed from the program.

Why did Verizon create the Innovative Learning for Minority Males Program?
    ●  Created by Verizon, the program has been in operations and expanding since 2015. Minority males are severely underrepresented in STEM fields and are less likely than Caucasian peers to graduate from high school in four years and pursue college. And where in recent years much more attention has been paid to empowering girls in these subject areas, very few programs exist that specifically work with boys to spark their interests in STEM disciplines.
    ●  Verizon identified this need and created a new program to focus specifically on minority middle school boys. Verizon ILMM will work with students over a two-year period to cultivate new  skills and expose them to the opportunities technology and entrepreneurship skills offer for a
brighter future.

What does the Verizon ILMM Program hope to achieve?
    ●  The program aims to enable minority middle school males to become creators and
        makers through 3D-design and app development. Ultimately, the goal is to empower a new
        generation of minority men by giving them lifelong technology and entrepreneurship skills to
        build the innovations of tomorrow and to create brighter futures for themselves and their

How will the results of Verizon ILMM be measured?
    ●  The impacts of the program will be measured by a combination of pre- and post-test surveys conducted with the students at various stages during the program. Changes in students’ academic performances will also be tracked to determine impacts from the program.

Solving for an Urgent Social Problem –
    ●  Minority men in the U.S. statistically face many obstacles maneuvering the American education system and into successful careers.
    ●  Often these same men have an even harder chance of gaining access to STEM courses and hands-on STEM programs.
    ●  As digital communications and the Internet become increasingly pervasive, minority males continue to lack access to the types of programs, which can enable them to fully participate in the digital revolution.
    ●  According to the Council of Great City Schools Report only 5% of college students are African
American males. African American males need extra support to ensure that they can reach their highest potential.
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Rodney Bush
Program Director
Verizon Innovative Learning for Minority Males @ Texas Southern University
Phone: 713.313.7603