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Welcome to the Bullard Center

We're connecting the dots on environmental, climate, energy, economic, health and racial justice.

The Robert D. Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice at Texas Southern University combines scholarship and action to dismantle systemic inequality and structural racism that cause disproportionate pain, suffering and death in Black and other people of color communities.


The Bullard Center’s primary mission is to confront systems that create and perpetuate environmental, climate and racial injustice.


Our vision is to be a leading force for transformative environmental and climate justice using rigorous science, community-driven research, policy, civic engagement programming, and effective advocacy.


Our goal is to lead and support efforts whose aim is to end systemic racism and structural inequality where Black people live, work, play, learn, and pray, and advance environmental and climate justice, sustainability and community resilience--viewed through a racial justice and equity lens.

Our Core Team

The Bullard Center’s Core Team includes interdisciplinary scholars, scientists, researchers, and practitioners drawn from programs within the Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University.

Policy Priority Areas

The Bullard Center uses a data-driven approach and applies a racial justice and equity lens in seeking solutions to the multiple converging threats and challenges facing Black people and their communities. Policy priorities include:

  • Environmental and Climate Justice (environmental and climate justice, oil and gas pollution, clean energy transition, disasters, sustainability, parks and green access, food and water security, community resilience)
  • Health and Economic Well Being (health disparities, poverty alleviation, income inequality, employment, small business contracting, and business ownership
  • Equitable Development and Infrastructure (flood control and flood protection, just recovery, hazards mitigation, transportation equity, transit-oriented development)
  • Housing (affordable housing, fair housing, homeownership, disinvestment that concentrates poverty, racial redlining, displacement, and gentrification)
  • Land Use, Urban and Regional Planning (land use, smart growth, civic engagement, political representation, and regional equity)

Current Programs

The Bullard Center uses science, research, policy and on-the-ground partnerships and engagement to support environmental, climate and racial justice and health equity in frontline communities.


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